Minorma was founded during the fall of 2012 as a civic organisation. The mission of Minorma is to represent minorities in Slovakia, their cultural, economic, civic and legal rights and interests with the focus being on Hungarian minority.

Minorma fills the gap in society, it highlights the fact that if the cultural heritage and identity of minorities is to be preserved, we have to support the contemporary culture in the first place. We want to elevate minority cultures, emancipate them in a way that they will not be mocked and condemned anymore. To meet this goal we need to work together and support young, demanding and competitive talented people from minorities. We are fond of our traditions, we know our past, but we live in the present and it is only the growth of the present culture and values which can give us self-esteem and elevate us in the eyes of others.

We want to come up with new ideas and support them, however many our activities are based on initiatives and project which are already successful in other European countries and are adjusted to Slovakian reality.



  • Initiates and supports the popularization and growth of minority cultures in Slovakia
  • Organises cultural, educational and social events for minorities in Slovakia
  • Organises educational and pedagogical events, such as workshops, lectures, courses etc.
  • Supports talents via its scholarship programme
  • Initiates the establishment of official Day of National and Ethnic Minorities in Slovakia
  • Supports the right to use minority languages and cooperates with similar organisations active in the field of human rights
  • Creates relationships with European minority organisations with similar aims