Five Days of Glory program starts!

The goal of the program is to provide media attention to new, creative and imaginative events, festivals or blogs that have not yet been sufficiently presented. The program is carried out through the following media: Új Szó, Vasárnap, bumm.sk, parameter.sk, hirek.sk, Magyar Interaktív Televízió, Szabad Újság, Csallóköz.  

We have started the “Forma” mentoring program!

The program has enrolled 51 students from 15 secondary grammar schools and high schools. The aim of the program is to give an opportunity to talented young people to develop their skills. With the help of mentors, they will be able to cultivate their talents in the following areas: literature, theater, music, dance, film, visual arts, and journalism. We will implement this program from funds raised at the benefit […]

Institute Minorma is happy to announce the first Christmas Benefit Concert 2012

  „Talent is a gift” – support the talent   The patrons of the concert are Lucia Satinská and Milan Lasica. The financial gain from the concert will be utilised for the purposes of the Forma mentor programme, which provides young talented people from ethnic minorities with financial and expert support. The Forma initiative will commence in the first quarter of 2013. Invited to this exceptional event are exclusively chosen representatives […]